What medical equipment does SMS offer?

The typical CPAP equipment setup includes a main machine and several accessories. Some of them are permanent, while others wear out and are replaced regularly.

  • PAP machine: This could be a CPAP, BiPAP, AutoPAP, or ASV device. Most of them are equipped with built-in humidification, digital compliance chips, and CPAP filters.

  • PAP filters: Additional disposable filters are also needed, as PAP setups use a 2-filter system.

  • CPAP tubing: This is the coiled hose used to deliver the pressurized air from the machine to the mask.

  • CPAP mask: This could be a nasal pillow, nasal mask, or oronasal (full face) mask.

  • Headgear: This is how the mask is secured for use.

  • Chin support: This is used to prevent mouth breathing, to ensure that PAP therapy is effective.


We also have cleaning and sanitizing supplies and comfort items for improving your therapy experience.

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